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During the very long history of the Old Continent, the people of our country have gradually developed a Belgian identity, particularly from 1830, the date from which - united in the same state, Belgium - they lived the same destiny and formed a homeland.

We have, as a common heritage, the Greek-Latin and Germanic cultures. We share very similar customs and habits - a very close way of thinking and the same essential values. We recognize in ourselves the values ​​of spirituality, humanity and solidarity of Christian civilization, as well as in the light of reason and science.

The National Democrtic Party considers it essential, however, to emphasize that on our lands and between our peoples, unity is conceivable only in respect of differences, because the very essence of European culture is freedom. This freedom that we see now so threatened - and which we make it a sacred duty to defend....



  • 1 - Historical

    The National Democratic Party was founded in 2011 - on the initiative of Marco Santi and Patrick Cocriamont - by patriotic and nationalist citizens, concerned with social justice and attentive to the fears that manifest themselves in Belgian and European society. Today, our team is made up of young professionals surrounded by more experienced councillors.

    - Since its inception, DN has participated in all elections, and our goal has not changed: create a new movement capable of constituting a real alternative to ensure a future, and the renewal of our nation within a large, independent and powerful Europe. In 2014 we presented Lists " Faire Place Nette " - FPN with the support of Jean-Marie Le Pen.

    - The National Democratic party intends to stimulate the debate of ideas on the future of Belgium and Europe, and raising the awareness of citizens to the dangers of extra European immigration and Islamization.

    National and European - defender of freedoms and values - The National Democratic Party of Belgium aims to bring together all Belgians attached to their country and disappointed by the political class. Refusing both laxism and extremism, DN proposes a realistic and ambitious programme, faithful to traditional values, ​​and capable of responding to the great challenges of the world of tomorrow.

  • 2 - Analyzes

    Migratory invasion & islamisation

    We Belgians and Europeans have already become a minority in many areas, and in a few years we will be a minority in our whole country and on the European continent.

    The worldwide cultural legacy that our children will inherit will be extremely different from what it is today.

    Belgian natives are now treated as second-class citizens, while asylum seekers and immigrants are given priority when social housing, jobs and benefits of all kinds are granted.

    Every day villages and towns of our beautiful homeland look like parts of Africa or Asia.

    The failure of multiculturalism is finally denounced by many European heads of state (Yves Leterme - Angela Merkel - Nicolas Sarkosy - David Cameron). This is exactly what we declare and repeat tirelessly for 40 years !
    Ethnocide of Europeans

    Native Europeans are victims of a process of colonization.

    The state of play on the demographic changes of the planet has made us aware of the gravity of the situation and the urgency of reacting to a planned ethnocide of Europeans and our ethno-cultural heritage, but also to the a policy of tolerance towards those who reject European values.


    Belgian and European citizens are forced to flee because they no longer feel at home, they no longer feel safe.


    The current criminal and irresponsible policy is accelerating the impoverishment of citizens.

    Poverty and misery is affecting an increasing number of people in Belgium.

  • 3 - Balance sheet

    While the current situation opens a boulevard to nationalism, the balance of movements and parties "nationalist" "populist" and "identity" Belgian is globally negative.

    - The parties of power are no longer credible. They are at the end of innovative ideas, essential, to get us out of the chasm in which they led us. They participate and promote the establishment of a new world order. They participate and encourage the ethnocide of our people.

    - Belgium and, more generally, Europe are losing their souls. The globalist policies of the last thirty years in Belgium and Europe are directly responsible for the economic and cultural crisis we are undergoing. Globalization, but also and above all the multi-ethnic and multicultural society that some people are striving with false ideas and true lies to impose on us are the causes.

    - Despite the high unemployment rate, the current criminal policy in Belgium continues to allow "immigrants" and "asylum seekers" to invade our beautiful country, while our retirees (who have worked a lifetime) are forced to lead a miserable, surviving life with tiny retreats.

    - The number of Belgian citizens struggling to make ends meet and fearing losing their jobs is steadily increasing as corrupt politicians steal and distil taxpayer money.

    - The socialist party stuck in the scandals reveals its true face and the Belgian political class as a whole shows us its deep incompetence. Examples are legion (institutional crises, state reform, BHV, poor quality of road infrastructure ...).

    Our dear politicians are spending billions, further endorsing our nation to the all-powerful world of finance. Our leaders' priority is to do everything they can to satisfy their own interests, to the detriment of the well-being and security of our citizens.

  • 4 - Conclusions

    The National Democratic Party opposes any culture, religion, philosophy or political doctrine that does not establish :

    • That woman is equal to man ;
    • Which downgrades certain human categories ;
    • Who calls for the destruction of our values and the warlike clash against our people ;
    • Who does not recognize the separation of Church and State.

    The National Democratic Party claims the right :

    • To prefer our country and our peoples ;
    • To preserve our culture and our genetic heritage ;
    • To save our civilization.

The National Democratic party refuses dark ideas and retrograding practices that weaken our identity.